Saint Gaudens Art Tile

Our Finishes

We cast in two bronzes with six finishes, and all tiles are sealed with a sculpture quality enamel.

Bronze - Silicon sculpture bronze - a warm bronze color.

Our Bright Bronze is a high luster finish. The Bronze is brightly burnished while preserving the beautiful texture of of the cast bronze. (available on the Envi Collection)

Our Bronze finish is an acid patina that brings on a chocolate brown color. This fragile patina is gently removed by careful buffing, leaving the right amount of color in the recesses, while taking care to not over-polish the high points of the tiles. The texture of cast bronze is so beautiful that we preserve as much as possible in the finishing process.

Our Bronze Verdigris finish is a specific acid patina that greatly speeds up the natural outdoor patina process.  Acid reacts with the surface of the bronze, leaving a green copper molecule buildup. The high spots are polished for a natural-looking contrast.

Our Oil-Rubbed Bronze is the same Silicon bronze with a dark brownish-black patina.  Only the edges and highest spots are lightly relieved by hand, leaving a rich dark color with the barest suggestion of the bronze underneath. Because these tiles are Solid Bronze our Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish tiles that are installed in floors will eventually polish, on the high areas, to bronze from foot traffic. If the tiles are scratched in any way the metal will show through. However the patina will eventually “heal” itself, and the scratches will darken. Rubbing the sight of the scratch with your hand will quicken this process, as the oil from your skin is a natural patina for bronze. So, if your tiles do become scratched please allow time for them to re-darken before using paste wax or other sealers.

These four finishes should always be considered “live” finishes - bronze darkens naturally with time, heat, etc.  When used outside, the darkening is faster, and in time the sealer will wear away and a verdigris patina will begin to emerge.  Tiles can be buffed with a Scotchbrite pad to bring back the highlights and then sealed with a coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax buffed with a soft cloth.

White Bronze - Nickel bronze - Our Silvertone a warm white metal.

This bronze with nickel alloy added. The nickel makes the bronze very stable in color.

Our Silvertone finish is white bronze with a black acid patina, hand-finished and sealed. White bronze is wonderful for showers or wet areas because it won’t darken.

Our Bright Silvertone is also a high luster finish. The White Bronze is brightly burnished while preserving the beautiful texture of of the casting. (available on the Envi Collection)